La Vallée

The Locomotive is coming
La Vallée – April 2021

An old steam locomotive which, quite oddly, isn’t pulling any cars behind it exits a tunnel in a mountain and proceeds, via a high, stone-built bridge, to a run-down rustic station located opposite an abandoned cottage with a thatched roof on a tall, yet very small, island where a river flowing between two mountains grows wider. Beyond the station, a stepped path leads to a pair of farmhouses atop the island’s highest plateau.

The Station at La Vallée
La Vallée – April 2021

Welcome to La Vallée, a homestead region owned by Som (Sominel Edelman), with a sim design by Isha (Sablina), which serves as the showcase for his business, Landscapes Unlimited. This month, La Vallée showcases Som’s latest design, the off-sim surround named Alpine Valley MEGA, which will go on sale on the 1st of May.

A path on La Vallée
La Vallée – April 2021

Despite its relatively small footprint, La Vallée offers, thanks to cleverly planned paths, opportunities for the visitor to wander, adorned with numerous cute, tasteful vignettes. The placement of the various pieces of decor, from the aforementioned locomotive, which seems to be its mascot and trademark) to birds, has been carefully considered with the photographer in mind, making framing easy – truly an SL shutterbug’s delight!

The Cherry Tree Archway
La Vallée – April 2021

The launch of Som’s new product is accompanied by the “50K Photo Contest”; this is actually a two-part photographic contest, with a jury contest and a popularity contest, and people may submit their entries (up to two photographs per contestant) from May 1st to May 31st. In the first contest, entries are judged by a jury and the first prize is L$50,000; in the second one, popularity is determined by the number of faves the entry gets on Flickr, and the first prize here is L$25,000. The rules for the contest are in the description of the relevant Flickr group (you’ll have to scroll down a bit).

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