Latex & Roses: A Look to The Past and The Future

NOTICE: The subject of this post is of an erotic, fetishistic and romantic nature. If you are not legally allowed to read such material, and / or if such readings offend you, I suggest you leave right now.

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In 2021, I started blogging on a semi-regular basis again, although it still depends heavily on my RL schedule. I also reclaimed my fetishes, of which I was once robbed, and I found myself spending practically all of my in-world time fully encased in shiny latex – and loving every moment of it. Furthermore, 2021 was the year when my best friend in SL became my Mistress.

As I’ve written before, I’m always looking for ways to further develop and enhance my latex look, so that it will reflect my desires, my deepest fantasies, and my emotions towards Mistress. Of course, my latex look is highly sexualised; very highly sexualised, in fact. It’s one way for me to express my feelings for Mistress, and She understands this very well. Also, I aim to make my look transgressive – if you want, this is a statement of sorts: I’m done caring about conservative snowflakes who run sims rated “moderate” or “adult”, or sell “adult” furniture, yet demand that their patrons adhere to a “family-friendly” dress code.

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This look, however, is also a collaboration between me and Mistress; She’s known me for a very long time, and we’ve been through a lot together. She understands my desires, my thoughts, and my feelings. So, She understands what I want to achieve with my latex look, and She pushes me to develop it so that it will express my innermost desires and shape me into the perfect toy that’ll satisfy Her whims and desires.

In the latex look’s previous incarnations, I had chosen to accentuate certain parts of the outfit with a dark red colour – much darker than the ersatz red that is so often used for strategic details in latex outfits. Still, this colour scheme never quite sat well with Mistress. Knowing that magenta / fuchsia has always been one of my favourite colours, She suggested that I switch these accents to this colour. I was a bit hesitant at first, because, in my mind, I’d connected fuchsia more with non-latex outfits. I gave it a shot, though – after all, I do like this colour, plus I was actively discouraged from wearing it in a past relationship (or whatever it was). As you can see from the pictures accompanying this post, it seems to work pretty well. Mistress actually said that this colour scheme now makes me look “like a high-end XXX appliance.” That’s precisely what I needed to hear… 😉

Now, what does the future hold for my latex look? Only time will tell. For the time being, I’m pretty satisfied, although I’d love to have some items rescripted, not only because I’ve noticed a few bugs here and there, but also because there are functions I’d like to have available, and others I don’t really need. And if I find new items that’ll fit the bill, or if I can commission someone to make them for me, so much the better!

Style credits for this post:

  • Mesh Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara v5.3 Tattoo Layer by Onyx LeShelle
  • Latex Hood:  NGW Danaide Hood v1.02 (rigged) 3.05 by Diane (xXnarayaXx Resident)
  • Collar: NGW Danaide Collar v1.01
  • Corset: NGW Andromede Corset S3
  • Boots: NGW Hera boots wedge v1 (lace-up)
  • Gloves: [DHB] Latex Gloves by haojie86 Resident
  • Catsuit: .:B1:. Latex Classic Catsuit Solid Maitreya (tattoo layer) by Allison Black (theoriginalblackone Resident)
  • Gag: Pixxie’s Corner – BioDoll 2.0 Sex Toy Mouth Plug by Kit (pixxieboy Resident)
  • Nipple Stretchers: Nifty Bits – Nipple Stretcher Maitreya by Trix (trixitopps Resident)
  • Butt Plug: Pixxie’s Corner – BioDoll 2.0 Sex Toy Ass Plug
  • Pussy Plug: Pixxie’s Corner – BioDoll 2.0 Sex Toy Pussy Plug
  • Skin: LAQ ~ Lina BOM skin (No brows) – tone 3.0 by Mallory Cowen (it’s really irrelevant here, though)
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Coffee (S) by Ikon Innovia (again, they’re irrelevant here)
  • Communication Implant: ER IconTalk by strαωвєяʀƴ milⱪ (Honey Puddles – formerly known as Winter Ventura)
  • Reflections / Lights: Shine Queen – SQ’s Environment Box hidden frames v.1.4 by Ann (transann Resident)
  • Poses: ::WetCat:: “Wild Rose” Valentine Prop by Rie Silverfall

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On DeviantArt: Latex and Roses gallery