On ASSignment at Sin-Labs

NOTICE: This post discusses matters of an erotic, fetishistic, and romantic nature. If you are not legally allowed to read such material, and / or if such readings and images offend you, I suggest you leave right now.

Getting ready...

Mona-Doll is Mistress Ani’s permanent submissive rubber doll. Its former self, the woman that once was, is locked, sealed, and protected under multiple layers of deliciously shiny latex forever; what emerged is a hooded, faceless, silent fuckdoll, a fucktoy, a rubberslut for its Mistress with exaggerated features.

It now exists in a bubble of perpetual debauched bliss, brought about by the emotional and erotic bond that connects it with its Mistress, and enhanced by a regimen of 24/7 physical and mental arousal: every millimetre of its body is stimulated day and night by nano-vibrators embedded in its glossy skin, while its rubberised and heavily-modified mouth, pussy and ass are controlled, stretched and aroused 24/7 with big dildos.

Mistress has decided that She shall be the only person allowed to use Her rubberslut’s latex pussy; as for its mouth and ass, She has made them available for anyone She approves to use, usually under Her own supervision. One night, several moons ago, Mona-Doll told its Mistress that it craves to exist to satisfy all of Her fantasies, whims, and desires – the more extreme and humiliating, the better. Mistress responded “I know, slut.” She also knows that Her fucktoy enjoys roaming the grid, and the two often go exploring together, with rubberslut leashed to its Mistress.

Almost there...

A few weeks ago, rubberslut invited its Mistress to one of its favourite fetish-oriented places, Kumi Itoku’s Sin-Labs, which had undergone a most extensive renovation. One of the most inviting corners they found there is a small, incense-laden massage parlour, accessed by a passage found halfway along a sordid corridor behind the landing point. It’s a bit “off the beaten path”, yet still easily accessible to every visitor of the sim. “Perfect place to leave you and have you available to everyone,” said Mistress. And rubberslut agreed. One thing led to another, and Mistress gave Her doll the following ASSignment:

First of all, Mistress removed rubberslut’s mouth and ass plugs, and with Her remote control left Her fucktoy’s ass stretched, not allowing it to return to its “normal” position – as written earlier in this post, its pussy is only for Mistress to enjoy. Then, She switched Her doll to its “armed” form from its usual armless one. Afterwards, the rubberslut was to teleport, alone, to Sin-Labs next time it would log in. Once there, it should go to the massage room, get on the massage bed, and stay there for two hours with its arse wide open, stretched, and available to anyone who might wander in.

Waiting eagerly and patiently...
Waiting eagerly and patiently
  • Mesh Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara v5.3 Tattoo Layer by Onyx LeShelle
  • Latex Hood:  NGW Danaide Hood v1.02 (rigged) 3.05 by Diane (xXnarayaXx Resident)
  • Collar: NGW Danaide Collar v1.01
  • Corset: NGW Andromede Corset S3
  • Boots: NGW Hera boots wedge v1 (lace-up)
  • Gloves: [DHB] Latex Gloves by haojie86 Resident
  • Catsuit: .:B1:. Latex Classic Catsuit Solid Maitreya (tattoo layer) by Allison Black (theoriginalblackone Resident)
  • Nipple Stretchers: Nifty Bits – Nipple Stretcher Maitreya by Trix (trixitopps Resident)
  • Pussy Plug: Pixxie’s Corner – BioDoll 2.0 Sex Toy Pussy Plug
  • Ass: Sensations Ass – Maitreya v7.23 by Earalia Nolan
  • Vagina: Sensations Vagina – Maitreya Regular v7.38
  • Skin: LAQ ~ Lina BOM skin (No brows) – tone 3.0 by Mallory Cowen (it’s really irrelevant here, though)
  • Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes – Coffee (S) by Ikon Innovia (again, they’re irrelevant here)
  • Communication Implant: ER IconTalk by strαωвєяʀƴ milⱪ (Honey Puddles – formerly known as Winter Ventura)
  • Reflections / Lights:
    • Shine Queen – SQ’s Environment Box hidden frames v.1.4 by Ann (transann Resident)
    • CSC – Full Body Light by KimmyQuay Twine
  • Breast Deformer: -Pretty Liars- Natural Breast LEVEL 4 by Hattsan Resident
  • Poses: AMITIE Agosto by BELEN Ackland, heavily modified with the AnyPose BVH HUD and the FATE Hand Poser HUD

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