Before… Or After?

NOTICE: This post discusses matters of an erotic, fetishistic, and romantic nature. If you are not legally allowed to read such material, and / or if such readings and images offend you, I suggest you leave right now.

Mistress Ani and Her XXX appliance... Before... Or after?

It’s been quite a while now that RL’s been extremely hectic both for rubberslut Mona-Doll and its beloved Owner, Mistress Ani, hence the lack of new posts in this blog. Then again, at least w.r.t. Mistress and rubberslut, the Bard had written that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Truer words have never been spoken; rubberslut and Mistress have yearned for each other’s presence, touch, and love. Luckily, Mistress and Her XXX appliance did get to share a few precious chances to be together; this is one of those moments, with the XXX appliance in its Owner’s loving embrace… Before… Or after?

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