About this blog

In this blog, I document my existence within Second Life, without limiting myself to a single field or area of interest. So, I write about several different subjects. Some of my posts are thoughts on recent technical developments of the platform. Others are opinions on social, regulatory, and political issues, especially when they affect things such as freedom of speech and creative expression or user / consumer rights. Others are posts of a more personal nature. Others are tutorials. And so on. There’s even the occasional “Look of The Day” post, even though this is definitely not an SL fashion blog. However, I very rarely post reviews of virtual goods; such posts are very few and far between, and they are always of products I’ve purchased myself. Furthermore, it is my personal policy to not be an official blogger for a shop or event. That said, I do welcome ideas and suggestions for blog posts, and below I’ll state and explain my main areas of interest:

SL destinations: If you’d like me to write about your region or parcel, please send me a landmark or SLurl to it and a short description of it. I prefer to write about places that are open for SL residents to visit, and are well-suited to photography and blogging. I don’t write about residential and / or rental locations, unless the residential and / or rental aspect is secondary to their main function as an open space for visiting and exploring.

SL art exhibitions, events, and galleries: I’m open to invitations for in-world art exhibitions, installations, events, and galleries.

Events, fundraisers, charities: If you think my blog would be suitable publicity for your event, please send me the necessary information about it (description, website, SLurl / landmark, dates) via notecard. However, please note that:

  • I do not blog gacha events.
  • I do not blog shopping or fashion events, unless they are for a specific fundraising purpose.
  • In general, I prefer to blog about fundraisers associated with established, recognised charities. I’m willing to write about a personal fundraiser, but only if:
    • I know the beneficiary personally, and am aware of the situation at hand;
    • I know the organisers of the event;
    • It is a cause I would gladly support.

I would like to point out that, despite my best intentions, I can’t possibly write about everything I’m invited to, as my RL obligations dictate my blogging schedule. Furthermore, what I choose to write about depends on whether I find it appealing, inspiring, and / or to my personal tastes.