About this blog

I’ve been active in the virtual world of Second Life (SL) for quite some time now, however my attempts to blog about it have been sporadic and erratic – at best. Even now that I’ve decided to be a little bit more systematic in my approach, I will be somewhat selective in the topics I will cover. Depending on whether I expand my activities in SL or not, I may or may not end up creating other blogs for them. But, for the time being, this is the main blog I have for my SL experiences and antics.

This blog will deal with my exploration of the virtual world, my personal experiences in it and my thoughts on my experiences. I adhere to the adage which says that, although we are just looking at pixels on a screen, the feelings and thoughts behind them can be sincere and genuine, because my experience has showed me that it holds true. Occasionally, I may post reviews of virtual clothing, accessories, equipment, stores and so on, but this is not really a fashion blog.

In-world I am quite approachable. I’m willing to talk to others, so don’t be shy. The internet, in all its expressions and forms, from SL to the BBS systems from days of yore, is about communication and has a social side that is inseparable from it. Like most SL users, in SL I try to be and do things that I cannot be or do in RL, and indulge in my desires and whims as much as I can; of course, who I am in RL does determine at least part of who and what I am in SL; I sometimes do things in SL because of events in RL – but never vice versa. Also, like many other SL residents I tend to avoid disclosing my RL indiscriminately to anyone and everyone; it is largely a matter of who I trust, how much and to what extent. So, depending on how much I trust certain persons or how much the RL developments around me affect my activities in SL, I may or may not divulge certain pieces of information – but that always remains my decision and prerogative.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you’ll post your comments.


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