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Maxwell Graf's shop on the Rustica sim.

Maxwell Graf’s shop on the Rustica sim. Click on the image for its full-size version.

Way back in late September, I blogged about the #ForMax initiative instigated by Charlotte Bartlett (of Scarlet Creative fame), Sophia Harlow, and Blazin Aubret to help out esteemed SL content creator, tinkerer, and all-around great guy Maxwell Graf (proprietor of Rustica – marketplace storein-world landmarkblog), who, along with his wife (her SL name is Lyyric Fei), found himself looking for a place to stay. The initiative took the form of a week-long shopping event on a sim graciously provided by award-winning SL architect Apple Fall, and raised more than L$1,000,000. Max and Lyyric have since found a new place to call home, an old building that used to be a cafeteria of sorts. It still needs a lot of work, as it had remained unused for quite some time. Winter is coming, and the snow is piling up. Max and Lyyric’s new residence still lacks central heating, as they haven’t been able to afford to have it checked, serviced and connected. As he mentioned in the comments of this plurk, they do have a couple of space heaters, but honestly, I don’t consider them to be a match for the sub-zero temperatures expected.

ForMax - 3 October through 10 October

ForMax – 3 October through 10 October

I know from personal experience very well what it’s like to try to put up with harsh winters and a shortage of funds caused by external factors over which you had absolutely no control. Being Greek and living through the recession and the sadistic EU-imposed austerity, I’ve gotten sadly accustomed to seeing main streets littered with homeless, impoverished people who once belonged to the middle class and have now been utterly destroyed; what’s happened here makes me angry at our “civilised” world which demonises the less fortunate with disgusting, misanthropic notions like “moral hazard”. The suffering so gleefully dished out at innocent people who were scapegoated for the white-collar crime that’s so lucrative for certain fiscal disciplinarians makes me ashamed of our species. I wouldn’t want anyone to be put through such an ordeal, and I try to help those in need as best I can in RL, with my limited resources and means.

I know we’ve already done something rather big, by SL standards, for Max. But, as I said, he’s got a winter ahead, and there’s no central heating in his residence at the moment. I would like to call upon all of my readers and fellow SLers to continue shopping at his store. He’s got some seriously good stuff in there that’ll grace any medieval-, rustic-, retro-, or steampunk-themed build – in fact, I’m sure many other build styles can be served very well by his products. Please note that Max himself hasn’t requested anything. I’m doing this simply because I want to help him out and because I’ve faced similarly hard circumstances in RL. So, please continue supporting him with your patronage. It’s going to be money well-spent: You’ll be getting some excellent products for your SL homes, and you’ll be helping a great person.




It took me nearly eight months to sit down and write a post about anything. The past two years have been fraught with all sorts of RL difficulties, some of which were exacerbated by in-world events I hinted at in some of my past posts. It was a very hard, uphill struggle, but I found the courage to carry on through therapy and all other efforts I took to pull myself up. Now, our (yes, our) life seems like it’s back on track. Getting my life back and getting it back in order was an arduous, painstaking process, and it necessitated a serious offloading of baggage – and much of this baggage had to do with SL. A clean-up was in order.

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This is the second time I sit down to blog about a build I’m tinkering with. Last time around, I had turned my attention to the Iona Conservatory by Trompe Loeil. Did it turn out well? Well, the stair steps I made for the entrance left a bit to be desired, but I’ll get back to work on that particular build some time in the not-too-distant future. Ever since then, I launched a two-pronged (for the time being) effort to adapt, customise and optimise builds for a new, public access, sim I am planning and which will, hopefully, be put in place sometime next year. The basis of both projects are builds by well-regarded and award-winning SL architect Apple Fall. Chronologically, the first one I started to tackle was the Country Hall, which was featured in January’s Shiny Shabby event. The second, which is the one I’m currently working on, is the Portobello Corner Store, which was featured in The Liaison Collaborative last year.

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Valentina E.'s ZigZag Dress

Valentina E.’s ZigZag Dress; please click on the picture for a larger version (opens in a new tab / window).

Yes, I know: You can really hear the crickets in my blog, as the intervals between posts are now in the region of months. It’s true that I don’t blog anywhere near as often as I used to, as I have neither the time nor the willingness to give my SL blogging the effort I used to. I’m far too busy in RL and, truth be told, the things happening in RL make all the SL-related drama look like the bitching about First World Problems it really is.

I know this will offend a bunch of people, but when people are driven to suicide by the chronic unemployment to which they’ve been “sentenced” by the neoliberal psychopaths in charge, when people in our neighbourhoods become homeless overnight because the “bailout” programmes have made even renting a small apartment untenable, I really can’t be arsed to give much thought to the technicalities and intricacies of SL, Sansar, High Fidelity or whatever. Thus, until further notice, this blog shall remain a mere pastime for me, whenever I feel like blogging something.

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2015 was a year with many ups and downs, both in RL and SL, and there have been numerous ways in which RL affected my SL and vice versa – and not always in a favourable manner. At any rate, what matters is that I’m still around, and have managed to improve several important parts of my RL.

One of the things I describe myself as is an amateur builder; although I don’t have any proper 3D graphics skills, I do dabble in modifying all sorts of stuff I can get my hands on, provided it comes with the appropriate permissions. I might want to personalise something and make it fit in with a certain project or look I have in mind, or I might want to make it look more realistic, especially when it comes to scale; either way, I don’t usually leave modifiable things “stock”.

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