The Inner Sanctum

On the beach of Nefeli Island

“For the last time, Charlie, I’m not taking that post down,” Arianna said, as she was facing away from him, looking at the calm waters of the sea as they gently fell on the rocks flanking the tan-sanded beach. Sixteen months ago, he had visited her to demand that she delete a scathing In Memoriam she’d written in lieu of an obituary for Paige “Lady of Lórien” Mirabeau, and she’d told him in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t going to. Ever since then, he’d kept trying by sending her dozens of IMs, hoping she’d change her mind -t and every time he tried, he got shot down in flames by an increasingly unyielding Arianna.

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Poseidon, Ruler of the Sea
Poseidon, Ruler of the Sea – Phoenix @ New Santorini, Erebor (rated: Moderate)

Dalbergia Research’s official accounts on social media announced “with great sorrow” the death of Paige Mirabeau. She was known as Mistress Paige Mirabeau in older times, when she was the most popular and influential BDSM and D/s (Dominance & Submission) blogger for the community of Dalbergia’s MetaMondo virtual world – or MM for short.

Her blog, Mirabeau’s World, had started out as a personal – and often very intimate – journal of her D/s relationships, her experiences within the fetish community, and as an advice column for those who wanted to make the most of their fetish-centred relationships. At some point, though, it morphed into something far more mainstream, focusing on MM destinations, art reviews, and developments related to MM and virtual worlds in general. This greatly boosted her popularity and influence. She soon became the go-to source for all sorts of information for every user of the platform.

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