As is to be expected from every website, this blog has its own policies. These concern:

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This blog is mostly about my personal experiences and thoughts concerning Second Life as a platform, virtual worlds, the dynamics of virtual worlds etc. It is strictly a personal opinion blog, which sometimes deals with topics of an adult nature: sexual, sensual, erotic, romantic. Thus, there may be imagery of Second Life avatars in various states of (un)dress and / or in suggestive, or even sexually explicit poses. There may be imagery of sexually-oriented SL products (prim genitals, BDSM equipment etc). If you are offended by this content or if you are not a legal adult in your jurisdiction, you just plain shouldn’t be here.

The majority of the material published in here will be my own thoughts, opinions, musings and even ramblings. Sometimes, however, there will be reposts or commentaries on material from other websites. Proper attribution will always be given.


I pretty much employ the default WordPress.com commenting policy; this means that your first comment on this blog will have to be approved by me. From that point on, and assuming that you use the same identity, your next comments will be automatically approved. If, however, your comments have 2 (two) or more links in them, they’ll again have to be reviewed before approval. If a comment of yours is held for moderation and none of the aforementioned reasons applies, I will see to it as soon as possible (WordPress.com is not free of technical glitches). Also, comments on posts older than 60 days are disabled.

You may comment anonymously, pseudonymously or using your real name – comments here are not judged by their poster’s name, fame, reputation, or popularity, but by the value of their content.

As a commenter, you assume full responsibility for what you say and agree that I am not responsible for what you say. It’s your opinion and I may or may not agree with it. However, I reserve the right to remove, moderate abusive comments, ban abusive commenters and, in general, act accordingly in order to maintain the smooth operation of the blog and/or to protect myself and others.


I value the privacy of my blog’s readers and commenters. As stated in the section pertaining to comments, it is not required for anyone to use their real name; if you feel more comfortable using a pseudonym or commenting anonymously, your comments will not be judged by whether you comment anonymously, but merely by their content and its value.

The WordPress platform uses cookies, to which I have no access whatsoever. It also allows the blog’s author to see the IP number from which a comment was posted, as well as the email provided/declared by the commenter in the comment form. This information is not shared with anyone in any way, with the following exceptions:

  1. If you have provided a valid email address and we agree to discuss something via email, I may contact you, but only if you have given your express and explicit consent for this communication.
  2. If you expressly request that I put you in touch with someone who may assist you with something, I will provide them with your contact information (if, of course, they are willing to get in touch with you).

Of course, commenters are expected to respect others’ privacy, including the author’s own. Furthermore, abusive behaviour on a commenter’s part may result in appropriate action as described in the section pertaining to comments.

Reposting / Reblogging

In this blog, two distinct types of content are published: articles (opinion pieces, reviews, reportage), and literary (short stories, novels, etc.) material written by me. For obvious reasons, I use two distinct licences for these two content types, unless noted otherwise.

Articles published in this blog are governed by the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). This means that you are free to copy, edit, tweak, modify, and build upon my articles, provided you (i) credit me, including working links to the original material AND the licence, but not in a way that suggests I endorse you or your use of the material in question, (ii) you may not redistribute the original material and / or your derivative works for commercial purposes1, and (iii) license your copies and / or derivative works under the exact same terms. This means that you must also allow others to copy, edit, tweak, modify, and build upon any copies and derivative works you created based on my work, and that you may not apply legal terms and / or technological restrictions that legally restrict others from doing anything that this licence permits. Your reuse

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Literary works published in this blog are governed by the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 licence (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This means that you are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, under the following terms: (i) you credit me, including working links to the original material AND the licence, but not in a way that suggests I endorse you or your use of the material in question, (ii) you may not redistribute it for commercial purposes1, (iii) if you remix, transform, or build upon the original material, you may not distribute the modified material1.

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1 To redistribute material published in this blog, or derivative works based on this material, for commercial purposes, written permission by the author is necessary.

Intellectual property of third parties

Images and media used from other sources on this blog are the intellectual property of their creators / owners and are covered by their own licences, which may be different. Usage thereof is strictly for narrative and descriptive purposes and in no way constitutes a claim of ownership of such content.

Second Life® and SL™ are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc., operating under the name of Linden Lab©. This blog and its author is neither affiliated with, nor sponsored by, any of the above organisations in any manner whatsoever. Other (brand)names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any use thereof in this blog is for descriptive and narrative purposes only. It does not constitute any claim of ownership of these (brand)names or trademarks whatsoever or any contractual affiliation with the owners of these (brand)names and trademarks. The same applies for all trademarks and (brand)names mentioned in this blog. Furthermore, anything written in this blog is not meant to cause confusion in the mind of even the dimmest consumer.

The author reserves the inalienable right to use these names and trademarks in any way she pleases within the context of non-commercial discussion and conversation.


I generally avoid reviewing in-world products and / or services. If and when I do, what you will read will be my own, personal opinion that I have formed from either a quick tryout or a prolonged period of use (long-term review) of the particular product or service for the purpose it is claimed by its vendor to serve. Reviews are conducted on my own time and dime. This means that any products and / or services that may be reviewed here have been purchased by me, with my own money. Recompense (financial or in-kind) for my reviews is not accepted. Furthermore, I do not accept free copies, and do not wish to become an “official blogger” for any in-world content creator / merchant; The only occasions in which I choose to become an official blogger or PR staff member are for causes and artistic / creative effors I believe in. In such cases, I do not accept any recompense (financial or in-kind) for my relevant posts.

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