NOTICE: This post’s subject matter is fetish accessories. If you are offended by fetish attire and accessories, I suggest you leave right now.

In general, I rarely post reviews of in-world products or services on my blog. However, from time to time there comes a moment when something catches my eye and I want to share it with my readers. The NGW Round Buns I’m reviewing here have given me such an occasion. On 1 April, Diane (xXnarayaXx Resident) announced on her Flickr account the launch of three accessories for latex hoods (either her own or others’). These are the Round Buns I’m reviewing here, and then there are the Pigtails and the Horns Buns.

NGW Round Buns
The NGW Round Buns.

In all honesty, not reviewing all three items is a conscious choice I’ve made, based on my personal aesthetic tastes. I’m not a fan of pigtails; I do like twin ponytails in lieu of pigtails – flowing, rich, and long, all the way down to the waist, or even going further down. But pigtails that only go to one’s shoulders have never been my thing; they’re a bit too Pippi Longstocking for me. The Horns Buns didn’t really do much for me, either. But I do love buns, and they’ve been an integral part of my outfits that don’t have me fully encased in latex for at least a year now. So, as soon as I saw the buns at the NGW mainstore, I went and bought them.

NGW Round Buns on me (front view)
Me, wearing the NGW Round Buns (seen from the front)

At L$350, they’re not exactly cheap, especially if you keep in mind that they’re an accessory that doesn’t have any complex RLV scripting. But let’s see how they measure up. For starters, as is the case with most of NGW’s products, they come with copy and modify permissions (only the scripts are unmodifiable), which is always a plus. They are unrigged, and this makes it make them easier to match different hoods. In NGW’s pictures, they are shown with the Helene hood, but I was able to match them perfectly with the Danaide hood that’s been an indispensable part of my look since late January.

Me, wearing the NGW Round Buns (side view)
Seen from the side…

As you can see from the official commercial picture, they feature a wide round base, upon which a stem is formed by a tube through which your hair passes. This tube is fastened by a locking strap that has spikes around it, and then your hair, which is presumably wrapped in a bun, is covered in a ball that’s supported by two crossed straps, and adorned by a highly suggestive, wide ring on the top of each bun. A tag is also hanging from each of the stems. What can’t be seen is a bow tie-shaped ribbon, which I honestly didn’t bother checking out. Some people may like such accoutrements, some may not care for them. I know that, in RL, there are catsuits and hoods with bow ties, ribbons, even frilly parts, but these features don’t do push my buttons. They’re nice to have, though, for those who want them. I wasn’t too keen on the tag, either. However, I really liked the basic shape, the ring, the carefully-designed geometry that makes matching them to your hood easier, and the locking strap. What I appreciated even more was the fact that I could unlink and delete the parts I didn’t want.

NGW Round Buns HUD
The HUD that controls the key parameters of the NGW Round Buns

To control the colour, shininess, and visibility of these different parts, they employ NGW’s new HUD, which is adequate, although I do think it’s a bit of a step back from the older one, which was more streamlined, and allowed you to dial in the desired glossiness and environment values; the new one uses bars for these parameters, pretty much like the ones used by the HUD for the Maitreya Lara body. This doesn’t really help you to set the values precisely enough; you have to eyeball things. What makes things harder with NGW’s new HUD is that, when you click on the parameter bars to set their values, the bars’ length don’t change. Another niggle is that the root part for each of the two buns (left and right) that are included in the box is not the same. So, should you choose to unlink the hanging strap, the ribbon, and the spikes in order to cut down on complexity (like I did), matching the positioning and orientation of the right bun to those of the left will be a bit more complicated.

Me, wearing the NGW Round Buns (rear view)
And seen from the rear…

Texture-wise, there’s nothing to mention – literally. They only feature the standard 32×32 blank texture, tinted accordingly, and all the shininess comes from the materials settings (glossiness and environment values), with the same blank texture being used as a specular map. Even the metal parts don’t use a metallic texture. You might find this surprising, but it does work pretty well from most angles. Obviously, this helps cut down on texture-induced lag. However, I do think it’d be a good idea to at least have some sort of AO map on the metal parts to enhance their edges’ definition.

As for what I did, I suppose what I wrote earlier makes it pretty obvious: I unlinked the bits I didn’t care about, removed the scripts, coloured the buns and adjusted their specular values to taste, aligned the two buns, and I was done! After all, they’re easy to edit, even when you’re wearing them.

All in all, these buns are a delightful accessory that can enhance your latex outfits and give you many more options than you already had. They’re easy to edit, for those among us who prefer to roll up our sleeves and tinker with our stuff; their geometry is fine, and the HUD works pretty well, although it gives you less control than you’d have by editing the buns yourself. Would I make them part of my main look? I don’t know. I like them; several people who’ve seen me wear them liked them. I’ll use them every now and then. but what I really wish I could find is a pair of long, flowing, Bento-animated, ponytails based on these buns.

Style credits for this post:

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