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Having reclaimed my fetishes has also encouraged and enabled me to resume my use of RLV restrictions in Second Life. Now, it’s no secret that my main SL viewer on the desktop is Firestorm; however, there are occasions when I simply want to sneak into SL for a bit while I’m on the go. On those occasions, I use my two-years-old Android smartphone and Alina Lyvette’s Lumiya viewer (version 3.4.2, which seems to be the most recent one – please note that the website is now completely empty, save for its banner). Or at least I used to, until this week.

Before anyone says anything, I must point out I’m very much aware of Lumiya’s troubled recent history. Development seems to have stopped altogether way back in 2017, so what new developments it incorporates and implements, and to what extent, is a question that needs answering; in 3D view, animations never worked, and mesh bodies never looked right at all; to top it all off, it was removed from both LL’s Third Party Viewer Directory and Google’s Play Store. I continued to use it, though, because it closely followed my desktop viewer’s inventory folder structure, it was relatively convenient for keeping up with IMs, and SL profiles work pretty much like they do on the desktop. Now, though, I’ve noticed some particularly strange behaviour.

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NOTICE: The article below deals with adult topics and fantasies and contains fetish imagery. If you are offended by such topics and / or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet

The StG (Surrender to Gravity) Neuropuppet, an RLV attachment designed by Sian Wytchwood; a blog post by her prompted me to discuss certain points, as well as certain aspects of sexual exploration within SL. Please click on the image for the full-size version.

Back in 2014, Sian Pearl (of Chariot and MetaTheodora fame) had announced the release of an RLV mask / spine / drone control system named the Neuropuppet; the initial design was done by Dreampaint Loon – in fact, it was her “Remote Drone Rig”. Seeing that I was experimenting with RLV scripts and drone communications bulbs at the time, she graciously asked me to provide the scripts for the whole system.

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NOTICE: The article below deals with adult and fetish-related topics and fantasies and contains NSFW imagery. If you are offended by such topics or are not a legal adult, I suggest you leave this instant.


Way back in March, I read an interesting post by Antony Fairport, which largely echoes my views on RLV restrictions. There’s a tendency among designers of RLV gear (collars, gags, blindfolds, etc.) to include as many different restriction types in their attachments as possible; even functions that their RL equivalents could not possibly provide.

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