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NOTICE: This post discusses, among other topics, matters of an erotic, fetishistic, and romantic nature. If you are not legally allowed to read such material, and / or if such readings and images offend you, I suggest you leave right now.

Breaking from the tradition of the previous instalments in the “My Digits” series, I’m making this post relatively early in the year. If I were to strictly follow the meme / blogging challenge by Strawberry Linden (née Singh) that I first encountered way back in 2013, I’d have to publish it sometime in late June / early July. However, it’s a very old meme, and even Berry herself doesn’t seem to be continuing it, so it’s pretty much disappeared from every Second Life blogger’s radar.

The trusty Avatar Ruler from [OO] gets pulled out once again, for another “My Digits” post…
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Strawberry Linden (left) with Brad Oberwager (Oberwolf Linden) at June 21st’s Lab Gab SL18B Special

On Monday, June 21st, I attended the airing of the Lab Gab SL18B Special show with Strawberry Linden (née Singh). It was a lengthy, much-anticipated, and newsworthy show, as it’s only been less than three weeks after the passing of esteemed LL CEO Ebbe Altberg. The show was divided into two sections: in the first, Strawberry interviewed Linden Lab Board member and Executive Chairman Brad Oberwager (in-world name: Oberwolf Linden); in the second, she interviewed the Lab’s Leadership Team, which consists of VP of Product Anya Kanevsky (in-world name: Grumpity Linden), VP of Product Operations Eric Nix (in-world name: Patch Linden), and VP of Marketing Brett Atwood (in-world name: Brett Linden).

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Have You Ever - Mona Eberhardt

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Wow, it’s been many moons since I last bothered to post anything in here. RL work and family obligations keep me busy all the time, and I’m no longer that interested in Second Life; I do log in, I do pay my rent, I do chat and see the friends I’ve kept in there, but that’s about it. I don’t even watch Flickr as much as I used to. Today, I did. And I found this new challenge by Strawberry Linden (née Singh). Of course, given her current job at Linden Lab, the challenge can’t be – ahem – saucy (what’s with LL’s obsession with posing as “family-friendly”, anyway?). But anyway, I thought it’d be a good way to kill some time, so here goes:

Have you ever…

  • Owned a region? Yes.
  • Created Content? Yes.
  • Gone to a live music event? Yes.
  • Teleport-spammed to get into a crowded event? No, I’m not desperate to have the latest fashion items before others do.
  • Made your SL avatar similar to your physical world avatar? Errrr, I suppose you mean similar to my RL shape; yes, I have.
  • Gone on a shopping spree? Yes. Too often.
  • Gone clubbing? Yes. Who hasn’t?
  • Helped a newbie out? Yes.
  • Role-played? Yes.
  • Had or attended a wedding? Attended.
  • Used SL for educational purposes? No.
  • Fallen in love? Yes. Twice. The first time was the biggest regret of my life.
  • Played a sport? No.
  • Used the Destination Guide to explore? Yes.
  • Participated in the Community Forums? Yes.
  • Found inner peace? Nope.
  • Started a Second Life blog? Yes.
  • Used your avatar name on other social platforms? Yes.
  • Taken glamour shots of your avatar? Absolutely.
  • Adopted a pet or baby? No.

So, there you have it. Mona Eberhardt signing off for now!


I have to admit that, as a blogger, I’m effectively in semi-retirement. RL obligations keep me distracted from doing things in-world and from blogging. Also, I lack the motivation and drive I used to have. I guess you could say that all these years in Second Life have caused a fair bit of fatigue. However, I still care enough about SL and similar free-style virtual worlds in general to try and promote policies that don’t ruin their potential. Last time around, I participated in the protests against the destructive EU Copyright Directive, whose articles 15 (formerly 11) and 17 (formerly 13) pose a grave existential threat to virtual worlds like SL and (unsuccessfully) lobbied my country’s MEPs to vote against it. Only two did – the others chose to become accomplices to Axel Voss’ and Emmanuel Macron’s machinations.

Anyway, here I am, blogging again, but not one of my usual long-form opinion pieces. Instead, I chose to blog about my shape, necro-posting one of Strawberry Linden’s (née Singh) old memes. If you’re wondering why… Well, the truth is, I simply felt like it, and I had a few reasons to do it. You see, I’d been tinkering with my shape a wee bit, so I thought I’d give you an opportunity to compare this version of me to the previous ones. Finally, I have a bunch of things to say about it all.

My digits, 2019 edition
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