Welcome, and please pardon the dust (the blog is still Work-In-Progress)!

OK everyone, so this is my first post in this blog, and it’s been quite some time in the making… As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’ve been around in Second Life for a few years now – both with the account I’m using now and with a previous one. To cut a long story short, I’ve been in SL since 2007; since bling was still considered to be “cool”. In this blog, I’m going to be documenting my experiences, activities, loves and desires in SL.

So, why am I writing about SL and not RL? Two reasons I shall give for this, either will suffice:

Primo: Because I can.

Secundo: Because I don’t want to write about RL.

In SL, I explore anything that catches my attention, as well as stuff I’d love to experience but is either impossible or impractical or too costly or even dangerous in RL. Then again, that’s what SL is anyway: a place for people to be who and what they want to be and escape reality.

Please note that this blog sometimes discusses and explores adult and often erotic themes and materials; some posts might have a kinky twist, maybe even a fetish slant. Therefore, it’s not suitable for minors (regardless of their biological age) or for prudes. So yes, it’s NSFW. Then again, if we want to talk more strictly, spending even a moment at work browsing for any kind of stuff that’s not work-related is and should be considered NSFW.

At any rate, before this introductory post becomes longer than it has any right to, I’m leaving you with this…

Best regards,



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